Dedicated to serving Veterans with End-stage Renal Disease

The average wait time for a deceased donor kidney from the national kidney transplant list is approximately 8-10 years.

Many Veterans will die waiting or become too sick to qualify for a transplant. Most of these Veterans will rely on life-saving dialysis treatments which are rigorous and take a toll on the Veterans quality and length of life.

Hospitals & Doctors

Many Veterans awaiting transplant are listed at the Walter Reed Military Hospital or at one of the 7 VA kidney transplant programs throughout the nation. Therefore, DOVE has worked closely with the teams at these transplant centers. However DOVE is not affiliated with ANY transplant center.

Support & Education

We provide support to all Veterans who are diagnosed with ESRD and are awaiting transplant. Through DOVE you will have access to resources, information that will help guide you regarding treatment options, regional waiting times, coping while waiting for transplant and identifying donor coaches.


DOVE will act as the “Donor Champion” for all Veterans waiting on a kidney transplant list in the United States. DOVE will assist with a comprehensive marketing plan for each Veterans that will provide Flyers and templates for each Veteran, business cards, email campaign write ups and website and blog assistance.

Featured Veteran

Chief Phillip Bennie

Chief Bennie is a 43 year decorated Vietnam Combat Air-force firefighter and Veteran. He retired as an Assistant Fire Chief. He has devoted his life to saving others and is now battling kidney failure. He needs our help to find him a living kidney donor.

They're selfless

We know our Veterans would be the first to offer their own kidneys to save a life. However, they are the last to ask for the same help in return.

If you are a veteran who would like DOVE Corp. to help you find a donor please register with us.