Jon Wayne Taylor

DOVE is honored that Mr. Jon Wayne Taylor allowed us to share in his kidney donation journey. We have matched Mr. Taylor's generous gift of life with a deserving veteran in need.

John Taylor travels to Botswana April 2021
Jon Wayne Taylor
Frontline Combat Veteran
Organ Donor

“In early 2020, a fellow veteran reached out to me through Instagram and mentioned that he was in need of a kidney.  Although I’ve been working in emergency medical care for decades, shamefully, I had simply never thought about donating a kidney.  As soon as I realized I might be able to donate, I started the process.

It wasn’t easy. After searching online and calling different VA contacts, I had given up on donating to a veteran and made an appointment with the closest kidney donation center I could find.  I mentioned to Dr. Michelle McDonald at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center that I was happy to donate to anyone in need, but it would be great if I could donate to a veteran.  It was then that Dr. McDonald and nurse Erin Strong picked up the challenge to find a way to donate to a veteran.  Within about a month, they told me they had found a way through DOVE.

A non-directed donation is apparently not a simple process.  I had five months of calls and in-person visits with psychologists, counselors, a social worker, nutritionists, my surgeon and nephrologist. I lost count of the number of blood draws I had during this time.

Finally, donation day was at hand.  Nothing could have gone smoother.  Less than an hour after I arrived at the hospital, my anesthesia was started. I woke up later that day and left the hospital the very next day.

Recovery hasn’t been easy, but it’s happened fairly quickly.  It’s taken about three months for the abdominal swelling to fully reduce and I have to be very careful to make sure I get lots and lots of water.  That said, within about 6 weeks I was traveling, working, and enjoying a good season of duck and deer hunting.

It’s been an amazing process.  What started with a message on Instagram ended up in a chain donation that helped at least two lives and gave me a great opportunity to serve folks in need. This whole time I’ve been walking around with a spare kidney for just this occasion and it feels great to give it to someone who really needs it.”