Donor Outreach for Veterans, Corp. (DOVE)

The Mission of DOVE: Matching Kidney Donors with Veterans in Need

There are nearly 2,000 veterans awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant at either a VA Center of Military Hospital in the US* ( There are countless more Veterans awaiting transplant at private medical centers.

Many veterans wait longer than others to receive a kidney transplant from either a deceased donor or a living donor. The average wait for a kidney from a deceased donor can be 6-8 years. Getting a kidney from a living donor is preferred. It would help veterans avoid the long wait for a kidney – most veterans will need to rely on the life-sustaining dialysis treatments while they wait for their kidney. Kidneys from living donors also last longer than those from deceased donors.

The team at DOVE has experience working with veterans and understanding some of the obstacles that have led to this problem.

DOVE knows that by connecting and communicating with the vast network of veteran communities around the country and “spreading the word” we can find kidney donors for all veterans in need.

DOVE’s GOAL is to Find, Educate, Screen and Support prospective living donors and then match these donors to a veteran awaiting transplant.

Dove will promote living kidney donation through nationwide campaigns and outreach events with the aim to create a living donor registry of prospective donors.

Dove will also provide individualized support to any eligible veteran (one who is actively listed for a kidney transplant at any US Transplant Center) in creating an outreach campaign within their networks and community.

Please reach out to DOVE if you are interested in learning more about living kidney donation or helping to support our mission.


DOVE is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations to DOVE are tax-exempt, and DOVE complies with all 501(c)(3) rules and regulations.