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Natalie Luvaas
Natalie Luvaas
Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Director and Living Donor Advocate

Natalie Luvaas enthusiastically joined Donor Outreach for Veterans in January of 2021 when she began her journey as a living kidney donor. In August 2021, she altruistically donated her kidney to a Veteran she didn't know. Natalie enjoyed a successful 13-year career in law enforcement and founded the nonprofit, The Friends Project.

Natalie serves as Volunteer Coordinator, Communications Director and Living Donor Advocate. She supports DOVE Mentors, Veteran recipients, and volunteers, maintains all social media platforms, is responsible for communications and handles all media relations but most importantly, educates and supports individuals on their journey of being living kidney donors.

Natalie lives in Washington State with her husband, Bradley and their four children. In addition to DOVE, Natalie is a dedicated advocate for the special needs community with two of her children being diagnosed with the rare genetic condition, Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome. She hopes her journey as a living donor inspires others to help Veterans in need.