Army Veteran
“After turning 18, I felt it was my obligation to serve my Country and defend the Constitution."

"My initial enlistment in January 1966 began with the 315th Infantry Brigade. I became expertly trained in using rifles, sidearms and various combat equipment after being promoted to PFC. I was able to take courses to become a Personnel Specialist achieving the rank of Sgt E5 and extended my obligation for a total of 10 years.

I have found that my pride in the military helped in becoming a good husband, father and businessman. What makes me proud is that the company I work for is very dedicated to our servicemen and women and I am part of helping them with understanding the VA mortgage.

I would be honored if someone out there would partner with me in becoming a kidney donor. I have many good years left to share with my wife, children, grandchildren, and my community."

DOVE is reaching out to the community to help Veterans like Mark. Contact DOVE to learn how.

Watch Mark's interview on News 12 New Jersey